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Purpose of this site

In 2018, we commemorate 70 years of the original Nakba and recognize the ongoing colonization of remaining Palestine in similar pattern of Judaization of the West Bank including East Jerusalem and the total siege and destruction of Gaza.

Entitled Nakba70Action.org, the primary purpose is to make it quick and easy to organize and implement a Nakba 70th anniversary public commemoration in your city. It is offered as a complete “action kit” providing the many elements needed to organize and hold a successful event. No longer does each group need to “re-invent the wheel” – Nakba70Action.org, takes a proven action as seen in the highlights video clip  and adapt it to your local reality leading to a street performance event in your town or city.

Although useful for educational purposes, this site is offered as a public action resource to people and groups across the globe to help them commemorate the Nakba’s 70th anniversary with others in a powerful yet respectful and dignified manner.

Using Nakba70Action.org saves valuable time and scarce resources by focusing only on what is needed and providing the materials to organize and implement.

It provides powerful words, images and actions which can be taken to public spaces and be noticed by people otherwise ignorant of the occasion or its significance.

The video shows the power of such an event. It is taken from a more developed event, however the visual can be as simple as using chalk to outline a map on pavement and to use small stones to mark the villages.


How to use this site

Visit the Action Kit page to see what is available for use and then choose the combination of resources which best fit your local conditions and resources for your Nakba commemoration event. Follow through with the planning, promotion, creation and finally performing the action event. It is intended as street or performance action to attract the passer’s attention, to get them to stop for a moment to observe, question, think and learn.

Begin now, as time is very short – Nakba Day is observed on May 15; this year it falls on a Tuesday. It may not be possible to hold the action on the exact date; if you need a weekend date, then please choose either Saturday, May 12 or Sunday, May 13. You can also choose Saturday, May 17, the date the US plans to officially open its embassy in Jerusalem.

Support this site

There are many ways to support the site and this social/street performance action. Share Nakba70Action.org with your network via email or listservs, or various social media. Submit your event listing to the website. Submit interesting websites, comments, corrections, resources to improve this site.

Help create a worldwide Nakba 70 community. During and after the event, submit your comments and upload videos from your event. Make sure to identify the city where the action. The best support for this site is to do the action. Please get out into the street and be active for Nakba Day.